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Welcome to the Mighty Nein!

Hello friends! There have been some questions about how Miss Eliza did her body paint for Jester. Here are some tips she wished she had known for her first paint job.

  1. Buying your paint: colors look different on a computer screen than they do in person and on your skin.  If budget allows, buy a couple different colors to find the one that best fits your vision. And if one color doesn’t quite work, fear not! It can still be used for highlight or contouring on top of your base color.
    (Miss Eliza used Mehron’s Paradise in Light Blue for Jester. It can be found on Amazon or Mehron’s website for around $12-$15.)
  2. Test your makeup! The worst feeling is getting to the con and putting your makeup on for the first time and not being happy with the end result. Do a quick test beforehand to ensure you look your best at your event. This test will also help you determine how much time you need to allow to get ready for your event. Body paint can take up to 3 hours depending on what needs to be covered and if your skin is cooperating that day.
    Makeup tests are absolutely necessary if you have sensitive skin and are prone to breakouts. You may have to test multiple brands to find the best one for your skin type. Be kind to your skin!
    (Makeup tests can just be body paint color tests or you can try for a full effect. Do what you have time for and want the most practice on).
  3. Applying your makeup: skin prep is a must. Be sure to wash your skin before applying any makeup. Using a skin primer helps immensely with coverage and longevity. Allow the primer to fully dry before applying your makeup. (Mehron’s Skin Prep Pro works great with Mehron paints.)
    For Mehron’s water based makeup, we have found it’s easiest to add some water to the cake and mix it in with a brush or sponge and apply liberally to your skin. Some trial and error will help you find your best method.
    We use sponges and just streak on the base coat, let that mostly dry, and then dab more makeup on to get an even coverage.
    Once the makeup is applied, use a setting powder to keep it from running or smearing too much. Then you can apply whatever regular or additional makeup you want. Finish that with a regular setting spray (Urban Decay makes some excellent ones) and your makeup should hold up to the most humid and sweaty of conditions (we know. We’ve tested our makeup in both Oklahoma and Georgia in the summer.)
  4. End of the day: if you plan on wearing your makeup for more than one day and your skin won’t hate you later, it’s totally viable to just sleep in the paint! (One 3 hour body paint application lasted Miss Eliza 3 days, with only minor touchups needed, using this method). That way you only have to do touch ups in the morning and have more time to spend at your event. 
    If you have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts, it is highly suggested that you remove the makeup each night to let your skin breathe and recover. If in the morning after body paint you find that your skin is irritated, consider taking that day off from cosplays involving body paint. (Again, your makeup test should let you know if your skin may have this kind of reaction!)
  5. Armsocks are a lifesaver: painting your hands and arms is a pain and you run the risk of getting paint on everything you touch. Solution? Armsocks! These can be made from a pair of colored tights, or can be purchased. Miss Eliza’s armsocks are from Pumpkinetics on Etsy. They are made from tights from We Love Colors and include fake fingernails for added realism. They run about $55 but are well made and well worth the cost.
    (Tights in Sky Blue from We Love Colors match Mehron’s Light Blue makeup almost perfectly).

Hopefully these tips help you on your way to portraying the various colorful characters you know and love! Feel free to comment or message us on your social media platform of choice with any questions.

Happy cosplaying, from the Collective.

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