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Hello friends! We have two 2019 conventions on our list right now but lots of cosplays planned for each. Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed when prepping multiple cosplays at once. To help combat that, we had a mini-meeting in which we made sense of what we needed to accomplish for 2019. We only wrote down the things we still need to purchase, since it is a bit of a given that “sew all the things” is an important part of finishing these cosplays. Additionally, we’ve noted what would be nice to add to some cosplays, but not absolutely necessary for completion. 

Color-coded and grouped by cosplay for planning!

First up, we have A-Kon in June. For this convention we want to take our Madoka, Noragami, and Vox Machina groups. Unfortunately, Madoka is really the only one we have complete. Luckily, we’ve been slowly acquiring many components for our Noragami and Vox Machina builds, so this list is not as long as it could be. Most of the  wigs are from Arda (their Fall 10% sale led to a lot of advanced wig purchases……) while any prosthetic ears will be from Aradani Studios.

After that we have GenCon in August. The only new things we need to finish for this is adding new members to our Mighty Nein group. Vox Machina will make an appearance as well, but since those all need to be complete for A-Kon, they aren’t on the “to-do for GenCon” roster. Miss Eliza is planning a couple of The Adventure Zone cosplays (Taako and Aubrey, to be precise) and hoping to convince a few other members to join in as well.

Since everyone in the Collective has lives outside cosplay, we try our best to plan ahead and allow enough build time so each cosplay can get the attention and detail they deserve. Staying somewhat organized and prioritizing is key to maintaining our sanity during this process. Feel free to share your cosplay planning tips by commenting here or your social media platform of choice!

Happy cosplaying, from the Collective.

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